'Play Time 3' A4

'Play Time 3' A4


A series of prints made during the 'Lockdown', it was something most people could relate to, being trapped in a flat and trying to make the most of it. A sort of seperated unity.


Printed on Tintoretto Gesso paper (200gsm)


Signed and editioned run of 20

    A bit more about me

    I recently graduated from Camberwell College of Arts with a 1st in BA Illustration Hons. I create work with a combination of 3D, film, traditional and digital illustration. I enjoy making simple, accessible works with an emphasis on connectivity, silliness and freedom. My works are often plugged with humour exploring play, power and politics, poking fun at the taboo and often provide a social commentary. I am an extremely laid back and open minded artist, willing to give anything a go.

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    I was chosen as one of the AOI 'Top Ten to Watch 2020'

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